Appendix 2: Information sheet and consent

Ngā Kete Kōrero: Te Anga Whakahoutanga - Evaluation 2019 - Ministry of Education


Tēnā koe


The Ministry of Education has revised Ngā Kete Kōrero which is a framework for assigning levels of difficulty to reading resources.  The framework was organised into four kete and 11 levels: Kete Harakeke (emergent); Keke Kiekie (early reading); Kete Pingao (early fluency) and Miro (fluency).  The framework has been reviewed and the levels have been expanded from eleven to twenty-one. 


The Ministry has now relevelled 200 titles using the revised framework and would like to trial the pukapuka in classrooms in kura across the motu in term two 2019.  Your feedback will inform the continued re-levelling and republishing of te reo Māori reading resources.


Invitation to participate

On behalf of the Ministry, we would like to invite you to participate in the trial of the re-levelled pukapuka in your classroom reading programmes. If you would like to participate you will be provided with up to 200 titles across 18 of the 21 revised levels.  By agreeing to participate you agree to trial the relevelled pukapuka in your classroom. You do not need to trial all the books.  The Ministry is interested in whether you are easily able to select a book based on your assessment of their child’s reading level and whether the new levels help you to support and progress children’s reading.


Please note these are not new books rather existing titles that have been re-levelled using the revised Ngā Kete Kōrero framework.


The evaluation

The Ministry has engaged Te Paetawhiti Ltd, an independent kaupapa Māori research and evaluation company, to gather your feedback.  The Ministry wants to understand from your perspective as a kaiako the following:

  • What do you think about the design of the re-levelled books?
  • What works well, not so well when using the new levelling framework to support your reading programme in the classroom?
  • Your advice on how the Ministry should implement the new framework into kura in 2019/2020.

What will you be asked to do?

There are three parts to the evaluation:

  • Phase 1 (Term two, week 3):  An evaluator will make a time to visit you and deliver the books to your kura.  The evaluator will take you through this information sheet, ask you to sign the consent form and make a time to talk with you again as part of phase 2. Estimate time commitment: 10-20 minutes.

  • Phase 2 (Term 2, week 4): A week or so after you have received the books you will be asked to complete a 5-10 minute survey to gather your initial thoughts about the books. The evaluator may ring or visit you to talk about your responses to the questions. Estimated time commitment: 20-30 minutes.

  • Phase 3: (Term 2 week 9 or later). The evaluator will visit you to gather feedback about the books and how well they worked for you in your classroom.  Estimated time commitment: 50-60 minutes.

Who will I be interviewed by?

Te Paetawhiti Ltd has a team of experienced evaluators who are fluent speakers in te reo Māori but also competent interviewers. Their job is to ensure they provide opportunities for you to share your stories and experiences in a safe and comfortable way.  The team can conduct the interview fully in te reo Māori, bilingual or in English depending on your preference.


What will happen to my information?

With your permission, as well as notes being taken, the interview will be audio recorded and maybe transcribed for analysis purposes.  Audio files, transcripts and research notes will be stored securely on the project teams password protected laptops. These files, transcripts and notes will be destroyed two years after the project is finalised.


Nā mātou te tīma kaiarotake


Kei te whakaae ahau kia uiuitia ahau ki tā te kōrero whakamōhiohio nā te rōpū arotake i hōmai ki ahau.  Kei te māmara ki ahau:

I agree to be interviewed as outlined in the information provided to me by the evaluation team. I understand that:

  • He mea tuku noa aku kōrero, ā, kei ahau te tikanga ki te whakamutu i te uiuitanga, ahakoa ki hea wāhi
  • My participation in the interview is voluntary and I can stop the interview at any stage
  • Ka āhai ahau te unu ake i aku whakautu kotahi wiki i muri mai o te uiuitanga whakamutunga
  • I can withdraw my answers up to one week after my final interview
  • Ka tirohia ngā whakautu takitahi e te rōpū arotake anake
  • Individual responses will only be seen by the evaluation team

Kāore he takanga iho e pā mai ki ahau, me taku kura mēnā kāore ahau e whakaae ki te uiuitanga.

I understand that my participation (or not) in this interview will have no impact on my.

I runga anō i taku whakaae mai ki te uiuitanga, ka mau ā-tuhituhi, ka tuhi kōrero te kaiuiui, ā, tērā hoki ka āta tuhia te reo i mau ā-oro.   Ka rokirokia, ā, ka mau kita nei, huna nei ngā kōrero arotake i runga i ngā rorohiko a te rōpū kaiarotake.  E tiakina ana hoki ki ngā kupu muna a te rōpū nei.  E rua tau whaimuri mai i te mutunga o te arotake ka mukua katoatia ngā kōrero.

The interview, with my permission, will be audio recorded, the interviewer will take notes and in some cases audio recordings may be transcribed. Audio files, transcripts and evaluation notes will be stored securely on the lead evaluator’s password protected laptops and will not identify me. These files, transcripts and notes will be destroyed two years after the evaluation report is finalised.

Kua pānui ahau i te whārangi whakamōhiohio me te whārangi whakaae hoki.  Kua whai wā hoki ahau ki te pātai i ngā pātai me te kimi whakautu pai ki aua pātai.

I have read the information sheet and this consent form. I have been given the opportunity to ask questions and have had those questions answered to my satisfaction.

Kei te whakaae ahau kia uiuitia ahau

Āe  o      Kāo  o

I give my consent to participate in this interview

Yes  o      No  o

Kei te whakaae ahau kia mau ā-oro te uiuitanga

Āe  o      Kāo  o

I agree to the interview being audio recorded

Yes  o      No  o


Participant Signature:          

Rangi: _______________________________________

Date: _______________________________________