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Whiua te paoro - Throw the ball

Whiua te paoro - Throw the ball

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools

Achievement objective

4.3 Communicate about obligations and responsibilities.

Learning intention

Students can:

  • give instructions for different movements in a team sport.


At the end of this lesson, students can:

MatakitakiMātakitaki – Viewing: Understand and respond to combination's of visual and verbal language and their significance in communicating information and ideas to specific audiences.

KoreroKōrero – Speaking: Use generally appropriate pronunciation, stress, rhythm, and intonation.

PanuiPānui - Reading: Understand overall meaning and specific detail in contexts that may contain some unfamiliar language.


  • Blindfolds
  • Rugby ball
  • Cones or other field markers


Lesson sequence

In this activity, the students will play ‘blind touch rugby’.

Mark a playing field with four cones; this should be 20 metres long by 15 metres wide. School sports fields are ideal.

There are two teams, each with four players. Two players from each team will be ‘playing’ on the field. Each ‘field’ player will be blindfolded and will have a supporter directing them from the sideline. They will instruct their partner about where the ball is, where to move, and what they must do.

The four ‘field players’ face each other on the field, five metres from the centre line.

As referee, the teacher places the ball on the centre line and calls ‘tīmata’!

The supporters direct the ‘field players’ from the sideline, providing clear instructions in Māori, for example

‘Haere whakamua’. ‘Go forward’.
‘E tū’. ‘Stop’.
‘Tuohu’. ‘Bend down’.
‘Tīkina te paoro’. ‘Pick the ball up’.

In order to score a point, the ‘field players’ must listen to, and follow, the directions to:

  • locate the ball
  • pick the ball up
  • move to the score line
  • pass the ball to their team mate who then steps over the score line.

To win the ball from the other team, players must touch the player who has possession of the ball. When a player with the ball is touched, s/he must place the ball on the ground.

Each player must take five steps back before play resumes. The teacher then calls ‘tīmata’ to restart the game.

Language to use

When introducing the game ‘blind touch rugby’, explain the general rules.

Tokowhā ngā kaitākaro.
There are four players.

Tokowhā ngā kaitautoko. 
There are four supporters.

Ka whakakāpōhia ngā kaitākaro. 
The players are blindfolded.

Ka tohutohutia ngā kaitākaro e ngā kaitautoko. 
The players will be instructed/guided (from the sideline) by their supporters.


tīmata start
haere whakamua move forward
tīkina te paoro grab the ball
e huri turn
e oma run
e tū stop/stand still
tuohu bend down
hoatu te paoro ki a _______ give the ball to _________
tukuna ki raro! put (the ball) down!


Supporters and other students may be very animated, calling to the players. Ensure that they do not move onto the playing area.

Remind the players to listen for the instructions of their supporters.

Further learning

As the students become familiar with the activity, increase the size of the playing field and run two or three games simultaneously.

Rauemi tūhono